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Spring Fling Writing Contest Entry

I had an inspiration as soon as I heard the Spring Fling Writing Contest was on. I knew how I wanted to make my gif and what the story would be. It's finally all together. I hope you enjoy this little ode to a rainy day.

Child in rain with umbrella that floats off the screen and child runs off the other side.
Gif created by Sarah Tobias

Drip Rain. Drop Rain.

Let’s Go Out and Play Rain.

By Sarah Tobias

109 words.

Warm Rain. Spring rain.

Leave behind umbrella rain.

Drip rain. Drop rain.

Help the garden grow rain.

Sun rain. Prism rain.

Chase the pot of gold rain.

Call rain. Sing rain.

Can you spot the frogs rain?

Squish rain. Soggy rain.

Rescue all the worms rain.

Splish rain. splash rain

Stomping in the puddles rain.

Sheet rain. Sleet rain.

Stop. Look and listen rain.

Flash rain. Boom rain.

Run inside and hide rain.

Shake rain. Splatter rain.

Messy entrance hallway rain.

Shiver rain. Chill rain.

Slip into a warm bath rain.

Orange rain. Gold rain.

Played all day, tired rain.

Drip rain. Stop rain.

Will it rain tomorrow rain?


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