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It's Halloweensie Time

Susanna Hill's 10th Annual Halloweensie contest is here! Participants have about two weeks to create a 100 word or less story. In the story each writer must include the three magic words. This years words are Mask, Creep and Skeleton. (Any form of the word is allowed; masked, creepy, skeletons . . .) There are already over 100 stories posted (Geared for ages 12 and under. What a fun way to spend Halloween with your kids. Scary, sweet, creepy, and funny. Head on over and scroll to the bottom of the post to see and read the stories. Some are listed with links to blogs (like mine) and then there are others that are clickable on this post. But wait, before you go . . .

Here is my entry:

Lucy -- Ready for the Halloween Parade

or Squowl'Oween

By Sarah Tobias, 98 words

“Look Daddy! Mommy made my Halloween Parade costume. I have an owl beak mask, a feather tuft hat, but you can see my tail and feet. I’m a Squowl.”

“Lucy, that’s creepy. You know owls...”

“Fly at night!”

“Yes, but they also...”

“Have good hearing and seeing.”

“True, and they...”

“Poop skeleton pellets,” Lucy giggled.

“Sort of, but they…”

“Eat mice and snakes, and skunks.”

“Honey… they eat…”

“They eat honey?”

“No, Lucy, they eat squirrels.”

“I know Daddy, but they don’t eat Squowls. Mommy made you a costume too. Put it on. It’s time for the parade.”

Halloween costumes form my childhood
I'm the Smiley Face. Emoji's before cellphones.

Growing up, my mother made costumes for my sister and I. I think that may have something to do with my proclivity toward stories where the character is coming up with costume ideas. (I've written three.) Each year, our neighborhood friends gathered and went door-to-door in our neighborhood. Back then we got to wear our costumes to school and there was even a contest for best costume. Things change, but there are always ways to have fun with this holiday. Our neighborhood decided to have a Halloween Parade. I am so excited to see the kids and dogs and parents in their costume as they walk around the block. We packaged up goodie bags for all the kids. We are making a candy chute delivery system for any trick-or-treaters who visit our neighborhood. Finding ways to feel normal in not normal times is so important.

Halloween costumes form my childhood
I think I was Huck Finn.

If all the Halloweensie stories aren't enough for you this weekend, I want to suggest a sweet story The Humbug Witch by Lorna Balian. Star Bright Books, 2004. (Originally published in 1965)

Here are two videos:

This one is a retelling of the story.

This one is a reading of the book with pictures.

You can order the book, but it won't arrive in time for this Halloween. There is always next year, next week, or whenever you feel like reading the story.

One more little thing:

If you're still here, I know you are required to sign-in to leave a comment. I would like to see this changed, but it's currently the only option from WIX. I did discover the other day that if you create a sign-in user name and password, it works to comment on any post that is created on a WIX site. I also have not received any spam connected to signing up. I would love to hear from you.

Happy Halloween! Or should I say Squowl'Oween.

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1 Comment

I LOVE your Halloweensie! Cute and funny with a twist! Good luck! And Lorna Balian is a fabulous storyteller! I loved the video of her telling the story with the puppet....and the dog rummaging through the shrubbery, LOL. Happy Halloween!

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