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That's Life! -- Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: That's Life!: Where will Life take you?

Author: Ame Dyckman

Illustrator: Cori Doerrfeld

Publisher: Hachette Book Group, 2020

Ages: All

Themes: Life, Living, Coping, Dealing, Adventuring



Who could that be?

Oh, that's life! Life happens when you least expect it.

About the Book:

Life offers so much! It's as imperfect as we are and sometime Life will make you sad, but Life also brings joy and laughter. Life takes you on adventures and teaches you how to fix things that go wrong.

Look at Life! Cori Doerrfeld created such an adorable character. Life doesn't come with instructions so you are going to have to figure things out along the way, but that's a big part of the fun.

This book is sweet and an often needed reminder about living life.

Resources and Activities:

This is the second book recently where the main character is a personification of something. The last one was Outside and now you can meet Life. What other words or things could you give "life" too?

We made a video and some really cool stuff for a Fundraiser.

May is birthday month for my sister and me. We get to celebrate the beginning of a new trip around the sun. We love to do things that support good causes so I've added a shop to my website. All proceeds will be donated to Opportunity House, Inc. Watch our video to learn about what we created.

Learn more about Opportunity House.

Here are some Bee coloring pages. Created by Cori Doerrfeld.

Get outside and have an adventure. Things may not go perfectly, but that's often where the fun begins.

Check out Ame's website.

Write an Acrostic poem using the word Life, Kind, Bee, or any other word that pops into your head.

In this Life, you can Bee anything. I highly recommend that you choose to Bee Kind.

You can find this book at, your local independent book store, your library, or Amazon.

(The links are affiliate links. I'm not in this for the money, just trying to get you the quickest way to get the book for your kids, your library, or your school classroom. At, I have begun a few booklists including my Perfect Picture Book Friday and my Graphic novel picks. I recently added a middle grade and an adult book list.)

Check out Susanna Hill's Perfect Picture Book Friday Blog to discover more cool books to read with your kids and add to your collection.


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I forgot to say, great video, too!!


Oh, this book sounds like so much fun! What a great pairing of author and illustrator. I've put it on my TBR list. Thanks for the rec!

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