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Books Always Make Great Gifts -- Mostly Graphic Novel Edition Part 1

Author/Illustrator: Jarrett. J. Krosoczka

Publisher: Random House Graphic, 2009

A couple of lines form the book:

Lunch Lady: He hasn't been sick once in twenty years.

Betty: You're right! Not once in twenty years.

Kalowski: Maybe he ate some of yah shepahd's pie yestahday!

Lunch Lady: Can it, Kalowski!

Serving Justice! And Serving Lunch!

Fun series for young to early middle grade readers.

Title: Bad Guys

Author/Illustrator: Aaron Blabey

Publisher: Scholastic, 2016

Lines from the book:

Wolf: I said GET OVER HERE.

What's the problem?

Oh, I see.

Yeah, I get it . . .

You're thinking, "Oh it's the big bad scary wolf. I don't want to talk to him. He's a MONSTER."

Is he or isn't he. Meet the bad guys and see if any good comes from it.

A series fun for young to early middle grade readers.

Author/Illustrator: John Patrick Green

Publisher: First Second, 2020

Lines From Book:

Brash: Mango! Get offa my case!

Mango: Oh. Sorry, Brash.

Brash: Our new V.E.S.T.S*s are in the S.U.I.T. ** case, along with our new undercover assignment.

Mango: Is it cowboys? I hope it's cowboys!

Alligators, Mango and Brash are on the case. Can the investigate and find the missing chef?

Another fun series for early middle grade readers. You'll find some drawing tips at the end of the book.

Title: Agent Moose

Author: Mo O'Hara

Illustrator: Jess Bradley

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends, 2020

A few lines from the book:

Owlfred: Anonymoose, I have your chocolate milk. Shaken, not stirred.

Anonymoose: I'm going to be the laughing moose of the forest . . .

Owlfred: Ah, you've seen the morning paper, then?

Humor, odd factual tidbits, and a mystery for early middle grade readers. Yes, it's a series too.

Author: Beth Ferry

Illustrator: Gregerly Dudas

Publisher: Amulet Books, 2021

Lines from the book:

Fox: Now I see a crab.

Rabbit: Me too.

Fox: I just made that you. I didn't really see a crab. Stop copying me.

Rabbit: I wasn't copying you, I was being nice.

Fox: Humph.

Five friendship stories in one book. Sweet characters. This series is great for early middle grade readers.

Author/Illustrator: Ken Lamug

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books, 2021

Lines from the book:

By day, she's an ordinary kid with an ordinary cat.

She does ordinary kid stuff. like going to the park . . .

Kids: Whoopee!

Reading lots of books . . .

Missy: Ugh!

And doing cool science stuff.


Find out if Mischief AKA Missy and Mayhem AKA Gizmo are cut out to be supervillains in this super fun middle grade graphic novel.

Title: A Bird Will Soar

Author: Alison Green Myers

Publisher: Dutton Children's Books, 2021


Chapter One


The wonder of things --

of wings

of sky

of Mother Nature's secrets

packed inside

scattered seeds.

The world is filled with mysteries. Clues everywhere-- cracked shells, forgotten feathers, deep prints left in soft soil.

This is so beautifully written. A quiet story about a boy, his family and a family of eagles and eaglets. Axel lives with autism and is striving to navigate the world through secrets and truths. When a tornado damages Axel's home and the nearby eagle's nest, his world feels twisted and torn, but sometimes those tears are the very things that help you heal.

Middle grade (4th -7th) 400 pages. This would make a great read aloud.

Well, here you go! A list of great books kids beginning to read through middle grade. I have another stack that I will share in a few days. I also have a stash of wonderful picture books to for more holiday shopping ideas.

Sign in and comment on this post, to be entered to win a book from this list. I will be giving away my copy of Agent Moose, Investigators, Lunch Lady, and Mischief and Mayhem. Deadline to enter is November 30th at 11:59 pm. Winners will be announced December 1st.

You can support these authors by purchasing their books through your local Indie Bookstore,, Amazon, or by borrowing the books from your local public library. If your library doesn't own the book, be sure to request that they add it to their collection. Take a minute to write a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or your library catalog.

Links provided are affiliate links. The money I make goes back to buying more books that I can share with you.

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These GNs look like so much fun! And I've been wanting to read Alison's book. Thanks for the reminder!

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