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If We Were Gone -- Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title:If We Were Gone: Imagining a World Without People

Author: John Coy

Illustrator: Natalie Capannelli 

Publisher: Millbrook Press, 2020

Themes: Environment, Earth Day, Call to Action

For ages:  5 and Up

We are in a time where the list of hard and scary topics feels completely overwhelming.  Yet, we need to talk about them. We need to take action. No, not need. We must have conversations. We must take action. 

I believe that the place to begin any conversation or action is with kindness, empathy, listening, and using our imaginations.

This book imagines a world without us in it. It asks important questions and offers opportunity for thought, discussion, and action. 

We are all in this world together.  In the natural world, diversity means survival. 

It begins: 

People need water to live.

We need air to breathe.

We need plants to survive.

But do they need us?

Maybe not.

Imagine what would happen 

if people were no longer here.

Activities and Resources

Learn more about World Environment Day

Spend time exploring, wondering, asking questions.

Take a walk. Move slowly and see what you notice. Take note. Take that same walk every week for a year. What changes do you see? 

Draw a picture of the world around you. What is important to your survival? What needs you to survive?

Pick up some garbage.

If we are the intelligent life forms on this planet we call home, how can we create a world of caring, community, equality, sustainability, health, and peace? 

Watch Jane Goodall: The Hope

In the documentary about her, Jane Goodall said, "Even if it's no use, I'm going to die trying." Later she said, "Every person makes some sort of impact o the planer every single day. We get to choose what sort of impact that is."  How we treat our fellow man. How we treat the trees, the insects, the birds, the land that we live upon all have an impact. Your actions or inaction show what you have chosen. How do you want to be seen? 

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1 Comment

I've often wondered about this. And I must say, I don't think the planet is going to miss us, LOL. This sounds like a great book to get kids (and adults) thinking.

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