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Nature is Calling But Nightmares Need a Moment

Hello my friends. So sorry I haven't been sharing wonderful picture books and graphic novels the past couple of weeks. Between birthdays, gardening, writing, and Citizen Science projects, I've needed a break from creating these posts.

This summer, I am participating in 4 Citizen Science projects and helping with a children's gardening program with some other Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists. I also want to finish a graphic novel project of my own. I am going to take a summer break from posting book reviews. Well, sort of. I have some really nice nature books that I want to share and will combine that with news from the world of this Citizen Scientist.

This morning I logged my data for the Frog Calling Survey that I participate in. It was an amazing night. In truth, every time I have been out for a survey, it has been amazing. It was a Full, Super, Flower Moon, we saw the SpaceX Starlink Satellite, and heard lots of frogs including what I am pretty sure is the Blanchard's Cricket Frog. A recording has been sent in for verification as the Cricket Frog has been disappearing from Northern Illinois.

Full Moon and a reflection of the moon on the pond.
Full Moon over the Pond/Lake at Afton Prairie North

It's mostly black with a line of lights.
Lights of the SpaceX Starling Satellite

It's dark. There are strange noises, weird lights, and in sleep maybe even nightmares, but I've got you covered with not one, but two graphic novels.

Title: Tiger vs. Nightmare

Author / Illustrator: Emily Tetri

Publisher: First Second, 2018

Winner of a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor

Ages: 4 - 9

Themes: Nightmares, Problem Solving, Independence, Imaginary Friends

Tiger and is not-so-imaginary friend Monster have a big old nightmare that's making bedtime difficult for Tiger.

I love the artwork and this story is so well done to help a child who is having nightmares and needs a bit of help figuring out how to take control.

This book is a cross-over between a picture book and a graphic novel.

And Book Two:

Title: Noodlehead Nightmares

Authors: Tedd Arnold, Martha Hamilton, and Mitch Weiss

Publisher: Holiday House, 2016

Ages: 6 -10

Mac and Mac are Noodle heads. They make some silly decisions to get out of making their beds. Their decisions lead to getting scared and having to deal with a nightmare.

The stories are based on old folktales. The sources are listed on the copyright page of the book.

For silly stories that can be read during the day or right before bed, this is the pick for you. There are five more books in the series.

You can purchase these book from your local independent bookstore,, or Amazon. Be sure to see if the books are available at your local public library.

The links are affiliate and I may earn a teeny tiny commission. But I add them to make your life easier.

On my Bookshop page, I keep several lists including one for Perfect Picture Books, and one for Graphic Novels.

Summer and Citizen Science Activities:

There are many Citizen Science Projects that you can participate in.

I signed up to be a Bee Spotter through the Illinois Extension. There are a few other states that can participate in this program so if you are interested and live in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri or Ohio check out this link and sign up.

I also planted a research garden to participate in the I-Pollinate program and Monarch Watch.

Coming up at the end of June is National Pollinator Week.

If you want to have a bee and pollinator friendly garden, look up Best plants for pollinators in [name your state].

Check out the Citizen Science website for all kinds of ways to help in the world.

I hope you have a great summer. Spend time outside and get to know you plants and pollinators. I'll be posting occasionally through the summer. I have two picture books waiting for their turn.

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Wow! Sooo cool what you've seen at night! I love this! A busy summer awaits you, too. I love all of the Citizen Science you're doing. We participated in a bioblitz a couple of years ago that was fun and informative. And sometimes, I see update IDs for some of the plants and bugs I logged.

I also love the two books you've shared. Ted Arnold's illustrations are always hilarious, and Tiger vs. Nightmare looks fun. A great pairing!

Me gusta
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