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Seashells More Than a Home: Perfect Picture Book Friday

Title: Seashells: More Than a Home

Author: Melissa Stewart

Illustrated by: Sarah S. Brannen

Publisher: Charlesbridge, 2019

If you have ever been to a beach, you have probably found and looked at seashells. If you are like me, you have collected many, and sat and looked closely at their shapes and sizes.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many different shell shapes? This book shows you how the animals that live in them use their shell shapes to their advantage using comparisons to human activities. For example, a shell that pries like a crowbar, or bores holes like a drill bit.

Why I think you will love this book:

  • If you live far away from the ocean and seashells, this book will transport you there.

  • The information provides you with a deeper understanding of the adaptations and lives of shelled sea creatures.

  • In addition to the information shared through simple phrases and deeper explanations, the illustrations are inviting, beautiful, and incredibly realistic. The lovely watercolors transport you to the beach.

photo of a box of seashells.

Activities and Resources:

  • Make some drawings of seashells.

  • What things in nature can you collect around your house or neighborhood? Make a little collection.

  • Find one thing from your collection or a shell from the book and see what else you can discover about that object.

  • Ask yourself the following questions: I notice . . ., I wonder . . ., It reminds me of . . .

  • What do they have in common? What makes them different from each other? What made you decide to pick them up? Make some drawings.

  • Write a story about the object you chose.

  • If you got to name the items, what you name it?

When you are done exploring and coming up with your own ideas:

  • There are many guidebooks available for helping you identify and understand the world around you.

If you like this book, be sure to check out Feathers: Not just for Flying.

Get your hands on a a copy of the book. Support Independent Bookstores, contact your library to borrow a copy. If you buy the book, when you are done reading it, consider passing it along to a friend, your school, or a Little Free Library.

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I have a shell collection just like the one you pictured. It's been sooo long since we've been to the beach! Sounds like I need this book....

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