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The Great Pet Escape -- A Graphic Novel and Spring Break Fun

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Title: The Great Pet Escape

Author: Victoria Jamison

Publisher: Henry Holt and Company, 2016

Age Range: 5 - 9

Themes: School Pets, Friendship, Tenacity

For many Spring Break is here or coming soon. This is a break out story. Get the tie-in? NO? OK, how about, who's going to take care of the class pets, while everyone is one spring break. These characters are pretty good at taking care of themselves, but they also come to realize that while they live in cages, it's not as bad as they thought.

For any kid who wonders what the school pets do while you're not around, you will love reading this book.

The text is longer and more complex and would make a great bridge book for kids moving from chapter books to novels. Or to Middle grade graphic novels. There is also a lot of detail and complexity in the illustrations. The images and text are great partners in telling the story.

Opening pages:

Resources and Activities:

Learn more about Victoria Jamieson

Make a comic about what your pet might do if it escaped.

While my girl, Layla didn't escape, she sure had a good time in our spring wet yard. What story would you write from this photo? What happened, before we brought her in the house? What happened after the photo was taken?

Need some activities for Spring Break?

Make nature related art and have it showcased with the Children and Nature Network. It's not a contest, it's an opportunity to show off your work.

Participate in programs from the Society of Illustrators.

You can find this book at Amazon, or your local independent book store.

(The links are affiliate links. I'm not in this for the money, just trying to get you the quickest way to get the book for your kids, you library, or your school classroom. At, I have begun two booklists which include my Perfect Picture Book Friday picks and my Graphic novel picks. The list will continue to grow. I also add GN's that I may not review here, but I have read and enjoyed.)

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1 Comment

This graphic novel looks like so much fun! And I love your activities! Spring is definitely in the air, finally....

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